Art Deco Interior - The Orient Express

Art Deco Interior – The Orient Express

July 4, 2021


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If you’re wanting to add a bit of art deco interior glamour to your home and looking for a bit of inspiration, then look no further than The Orient Express.

This uber luxurious train journey from Paris to Venice (or a handful of other equally-chic European destinations) is definitely on my travel bucket list – not just because a child-free, European holiday seems like the furthest thing away from our current covid-led routines, but the art deco glamour seems to transport you to a completely different time in history.

Art Deco was one of the first styles that spread around the world and became an international style movement.  Although it appeared in different countries at different times, it started in France in the early 1900’s and was put in the global spotlight at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, which was held in Paris in 1925.  In Australia, most examples of Art Deco appeared during the “inter-war” period and started to phase out at the beginning of World War II.

Art Deco influenced the design of almost everything – from architecture, fashion, furniture, jewellery to cars and household appliances.  But this style movement was also heavily influenced by the optimism of technological advancements and the changing nature of travel, which is what we can see in the design of these luxury trains and ocean liners of the time.

So, what are the main characteristics of art deco interiors?

The materials used were high impact – polished veneers, chrome, mirror, lacquered furniture, bold wallpapers and upholstery, brass and metal.

Colours range from strong monochrome schemes with metallic accents though to very warm, neutral tones with deep gemstone colours like emerald green, blue and reds.

Perhaps one of the most recognised characteristics of Art Deco design is the range of patterns and motifs that appeared on everything from fabric, wallpaper, flooring and furniture design.

Primarily flat designs with geometric patterns, chevron, steps, sweeping curves, fans, floral, sunbursts, along with African and Egypitan inspired motifs.

Travel is one of the most inspiring things you can do when you’re designing your home, because it opens our eyes to things that are different to our everyday surroundings and the “standard” ways of doing things.  

I’d love to know if you have a favourite travel destination that has inspired your home design (or if you’re like me and have a growing bucket list of places to go “one-day”).

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