Who is actually leading your project?

Who is actually leading your project?

May 21, 2021


hey there, I'm amanda!


Interior design expert, coach and all-round problem solver.

I approach my work like I approach most things in my life... I'm curious about people, about new ideas and about how to make stuff happen.

Building things just happens to be one of the most satisfying things you can do in life - I love it and I'm here to help you do it too.





I'm sharing some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when building and renovating that cost them time, money and a whole lot of stress.

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Most of us realize that building or renovating isn’t a small job, but yet we still try to fit it all in – usually in the gaps between work, family, and everything else going on in our life.

I think it’s easy to oversimplify the stuff that needs to get done and underestimate the time that it will take to do it – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I truly believe that I wouldn’t start anything if I knew the true extent of the work required.  Sometimes it’s best to just start something and by starting, you’ve made the commitment to make it happen and see it to the end… whatever that is going to mean!

But, the problem with this approach is that we can end up drowning in a never ending list of things that we need to do… things that we need to decide on… and things that we need to find time for.

…and if your life was already pretty busy before you started, this can feel really overwhelming and it can be hard to keep your head above water. 

If you don’t have a really clear idea of what needs to be done and what exactly you’re working towards, then it can be near impossible to actually manage your time to get it all done and feel like you’re in control of the process.

Now I want you to imagine that you’re a builder, tradesperson or designer working on a project with a client who is overwhelmed, unorganised and not entirely sure what the project requires… 

I don’t care how big your budget is and how much you’re willing to pay them, it’s really hard to pull together a team of professionals that are all heading in the same direction and working towards the same end goal, if there’s nobody leading them there.

Every project needs a Project Manager – someone who is responsible for planning, overseeing and leading the project from early idea and problem, right through to completion – so that everyone understands what their role is and what it is that they’re trying to achieve.

However, most homeowners aren’t stepping into the role of project manager and leading their projects the way they need to.  Instead, they’re paying a whole heap of professionals to “help them” and hoping that will solve the problem… but each of those professionals are only responsible for a part of the project, not the whole thing… 

which means that nobody is leading the project.  

It’s either drifting through the process with no real direction, or someone else is needing to step into that role for you to take control of it.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons why building a new home is such a stressful experience for many families.

If you want a project that runs on time, on budget and with a minimal amount of stress, then you’re going to need someone to play the role of Project Manager.

…and if that person is not you, then you’re going to need to appoint someone to do that job for you and make sure that you have a shared vision of what you want to create.

But I really believe that, if you want to create a custom home that is unique to you and the way you want to live, and you want to be the one deciding on what it is that you’re building, then it should be you leading your own project.

…because you’re the only one that knows what it’s going to take to make you happy with the final outcome.

I’ve put together a free masterclass for those of you who are planning a new home or renovation project where I talk you through some of the biggest mistakes I see homeowners making (that are costing them alot of time, money and stress)… so that you can avoid the same mistakes in your project.

You can register for the masterclass by clicking the link below and the video will be made available for you to watch.  Hope to see you there!

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